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Children under the age of three (article No. 198 of the Paris Police Prefecture Order of 1st January 1927) are not allowed in the venue.

Exception made for children’s shows for which access is prohibited for child under one year of age.

Parents are warned that they must provide ears protection for their children.


Le Bataclan reserves the right to refuse access for teenagers under 16 years old unaccompanied by a legal representative 18+, without refund. 

Teenagers aged between 16 and 18 can enter the venue alone with a parental consent form.


Backpacks above 15 liters are not allowed in the venue and should be left in the cloakroom. 

Suitcases are not accepted in the cloakroom or in the venue. 

Please take your precautions.

A cloakroom is available at the entrance of the venue. It is mandatory to leave helmets at the cloakroom. Coats and bags are allowed within reasonable limit of places available.


Please be advised that bulky items (large bags, suitcases...) are not allowed in Le Bataclan and are not accepted at the cloakroom.


You will be charged 3 € per item left at the coat check and 5€ for a bag.

In accordance with Decree No. 2006 - 1386 dated November 15th 2006 and Article L3513-6 of the Code of Public Health, it is strictly forbidden to smoke or smoke an e-Cigarette inside Le Bataclan.

A smoking area is arranged outside of the establishment.

As a general rule, “non-professional” cameras are allowed (i.e.: disposable or compact cameras).

“Professional” equipment (i.e.: Bridge or Reflex cameras) is forbidden except for people with a photography pass which can be obtained from the production team or the artist’s management team/label.

Please be advised that some concerts may have specific directives.

A bar is at your disposal in Le Bataclan. We accept both cash and credit cards.

It is forbidden to bring any drinks or food inside the theater.

You can send us a message via our online form.

Items forgotten at the coat check and objects found on the premises will be kept for a month.

Le Bataclan gives no accreditation. You can request an accreditation to the concert’s production team or the artist’s label.


It's not mandatory to print your ticket.

E-tickets/M-tickets on smartphone are just fine. 

Please do not make any screenshot of your ticket, we will need the original ticket (.pdf format)

First of all: check your spam file. 

If you didn"t receive any confirmation of your order, please send an email to our ticketing service :

If you order is well taken into account you should also be able to see it on your personal account. Your e-ticket will also be downloadable from this online account.

In order to buy your ticket by credit card you have to check with your bank if the 3D-Secure option is available and activated.

Futhermore we do not accept payements by American Express nor Paypal. 


We advise you against pruchaising tickets on unofficial website. We decline any responsability in case of invalidity.

If the concert is not sold out, you will sometimes be able to purchase a ticket at the front desk but only for the evening show.

We don't have a ticket office, and you can't book a ticket by phone neither.

Tickets must only be purchased online. 

With the exception of certain concerts and categories (Meet and Greet) for which this is specified: Tickets are not nominative.


You can therefore enter the concert even if your name does not appear on the ticket.

Tickets cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded, unless the performance has been postponed or cancelled by the organizer.

The price, date and hour mentioned on the ticket, or the order slip, must be checked over by the client at the time of purchase to make sure that they match the desired service. Any subsequent claim will not be taken into consideration whatsoever.

In accordance with Article L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, the customer cannot exercise his right of withdrawal in regards to recreational services (performances) to be provided on a predetermined date or a specific frequency.

No refund or exchange will be accepted in the event of tardiness as the performance’s starting time is clearly indicated at the time of purchase and on the tickets.

Out of respect for the audience and the artists, access to the numbered seats booked is no longer guaranteed once the performance has started.

We advise people with reduced mobility to inform us that they wish to attend a show by phone : +33143140030.

The evening of the show, please reach out to our team at the front desk in order to be rightfully placed. No need for you to wait in the queue.

For shows with unnumbered seating, you may book your tickets through all sales channels.

For shows with numbered seating, you can contact the ticketing service to book the appropriate seats.

Tickets purchased from ticketing networks such as Fnacspectacles, Ticketmaster and Seetickets can not under any circumstances be collected at Le Bataclan.

If in doubt, the necessary steps to retrieve your tickets are indicated on  your order confirmation.